Debit Card

Find safety and convenience with a Sherburne State Bank Mastercard® Debit Card!

  • Use your Debit card to make purchases online or in person anywhere that Mastercard® is accepted.
  • Easy access to cash via any ATM in the US
  • To avoid ATM fees use Money Pass.  Scan the code below and click browse website to find an ATM.  Or download the MoneyPass ATM free mobile app on the App Store or get it on Google play.

  • ATM fees:  $1.00 fee will be assessed by Sherburne State Bank if you do not use a MoneyPass ATM.  Plus, any fee assessed by the machine.
  • Report loss and/or theft by calling 763-261-4200 or 1-800-417-8715
  • Replacement cards can be ordered by calling 763-261-4200.  A $10.00 fee will apply.
  • To activate your card and set your PIN number call 1-800-992-3808